The documentary Crash Landing (dir. Krzysztof Lang) to accompany the Lunar Futurism Exhibition

The exhibition featuring props and memorabilia from the On the Silver Globe shooting opens on Frida 29 March 2019. It will be accompanied by a looped documenary Crash Landing (1988, dir. Krzysztof Lang).

The documentary tells a story of the creation process of the Andrzej Żuławski's film On the Silver Globe. Photographs from 1976 from the film set were combined with photographs from 1986, when postsynchrony and reshooted scenes were added, constitute a background for a comment about the scenes that were missing in the finished film. The performers register statements of the crew members about the decision to stop work on the film, including the production manager Andrzej Janowski, who considered this day the happiest in his life and the operator Andrzej Jaroszewicz, calling "On the Silver Globe" the most important film in his career.

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